D-Town Brass is a 15 person psychedelic-jungle-jazz-funk-orchestra from Durham, NC. Our music blends the familiar with the avant-garde with a rhythmic punch that cannot be matched by any band ever in the history of the multiverse. We have had 13 platinum records on planet Zebulon, and have won the interplanetary talent-search show “Show us your Genius or Be Destroyed by Evaporator Ray” every year since 1997. Our music is composed by a shadowy conspiracy of Spiritually Illuminated Beings who cannot be described with words and is transmitted through the Sub-Quantum Psychic Continuum to the brains of the human meat puppets that actually show up to the gig/rehearsal/recording session. Listening to D-Town Brass music is a soul-expanding experience, but can be dangerous, as it usually attracts, well, let’s just call them entities, for lack of a better term, that want into our dimension, but may not have proper, shall we say, manners when it comes to what (or who) they eat. Keep that third eye open and turn up the volume.